Three physical properties determine the quality of wood-plastic wall panels

Time: 2018-12-26
  High-quality wood-plastic wallboard products mainly look at three aspects of physical properties:

     The first is flexibility. In the general industry, the length specification is 2.8m-4m. The longer the length, the easier it is to achieve the flexibility test. After the plane is bent, the two sections can be close together and can be regarded as flexible.
     Followed by hardness, the hardness of wood-plastic wallboard is mainly expressed in three different hardnesses:
    1. Scratch hardness: It meets the standard that ordinary hard objects are not easy to scratch on the substrate, and even after adding some special surface technology, no scratches are generated.
   2, press-in hardness: no distortion of the product is the main index to achieve the hardness of the press from the surface of the product visually flat, and then with ordinary human load finger pressure, no plastic deformation, to meet the standard.
   3, rebound hardness: general impact test, you can use simple manpower, impact or use special weights to freely fall impact material from a height of 1m or more, with no deformation and no crack as the standard.

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