Time: 2018-04-11

Three-dimensional interior wall panels made from reinforced industrial gypsum. These easy-to-install tiles have a seamless surface and a perfect automatic pattern repeat, and can be painted in any colour. Relatively light weight due to hollow backside composition and still very strong due to glass fiber reinforcement.

BOCAS  mineral composite panels are not only impact-proof but also fully fire resistant with no smoke development and zero flame spread rating. Next to that these panels will not expand, shrink, or yellow over time.
Made from High grade industrial gypsum
Original color: white
Paintable in any desired colour, although paint not required
Flame retardant, water repellent
Dimensions per panel: L 50 cm x W 50 cm x H 3 cm
Material thickness; 10 mm
Weight per panel: 3,5 kg
Packaging: 4 panels per box (covering 1 m²)

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