Wood fiber composite materials industry funding gap and development prospects parallel

Time: 2017-10-24
Foreign wood-plastic composite materials industry in North America as the representative of the region before 2009 is the world's fastest growing wood and plastic composite materials and the largest market since 2009, China's wood-plastic composite materials industry has developed rapidly, has grown into a global The largest producer and exporter.

According to the China Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association of wood and plastic professional committee of the authority of the data, prospective investment is expected in the next few years, the global average annual growth rate of wood-plastic composite materials will exceed 18%. Among them, the North American region growth rate of about 10%, China's growth will be more than 25%, the global industry will be further to the center of China as the transfer of East Asia.

China's wood-plastic industry started late, the domestic wood-plastic composite materials production enterprises are mostly established in 2000, at present, the country directly or indirectly engaged in wood-plastic research and development, production and supporting enterprises and institutions have more than 500. However, the domestic wood-plastic composite materials production enterprises as a whole smaller scale, the strength is weak, and foreign tens of thousands of tons, more than ten million tons of large-scale wood-plastic enterprises compared to domestic wood-plastic composite materials production enterprises is difficult to form an effective Power to expand.

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