The important role in soft leather carving in family decoration

Time: 2017-10-09
BOCAS 3d leather wall panel
In the bedroom or in the hall or in a conference room in the design of soft leather carving background wall, and home theater, with a specific room in which to consider the overall effect, if used in the bedroom, to use the color a little gentle flannel the fabric, this is the house warm, if in the home theater, the sound is relatively large, will use a thick substrate, which plays the sound-absorbing effect, and beautiful and decorative effect, so it should consider the overall background wall soft, not only to think. But also practical.
With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the living environment more and more, every family decoration is used in the backdrop of this one, for example, bedside background wall, TV backdrop, sofa backdrop, restaurant background and so on, people on housing decoration requirements are increasingly high, not in hardware equipment. Light to be practical, but also artistic decorative effect, the software facilities, both to a certain decoration effect and function and coordination and overall decoration, such as in the TV background wall decoration and bedside background, if the design is reasonable, making good, soft leather carving is like a piece of art show at home, give people a warm and warm home.

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