What are the requirements for wood sound-absorbing panels?

Time: 2017-09-29
Bocas leather wall panel 
Wood sound-absorbing panels are one of the important roles of sound-absorbing materials. It can be divided into two kinds of slotted sound-absorbing panels and hole-wood sound-absorbing panels. Slot-wood sound-absorbing panels are a resonant sound-absorbing material that is slotted in the front of the MDF. Of the front, the back are open round hole structure of sound absorption material. Two kinds of sound-absorbing panels commonly used in the wall. No matter what kind of sound-absorbing panels of their raw materials are to high-quality, so as to ensure that the desired sound absorption effect. High-quality sound-absorbing panels need to do the following five requirements.
       1, fire
       Wooden sound-absorbing panels should have the characteristics of fire, long-distance transport - stiffness requirements, fire requirements.
       2, anti-deformation
       Wood sound-absorbing panels in addition to the above characteristics, but also should have anti-deformation characteristics, such as anti-gymnasium inside;
       3, sunscreen
       For some glass rooms, the wood sound-absorbing panels should have sunscreen characteristics, such as: glass room - anti-sun color;
       4, moisture
       For wood sound-absorbing panels, the first should be a moisture-proof characteristics, especially in some wet areas, such as: swimming pool - moisture, waterproof outdoor;
       5, other
       For wood sound-absorbing panels, should have a convenient cutting, installation, pressure side or bonding and other characteristics. For high-quality wood sound-absorbing panels, you want to achieve a higher sound absorption effect, the choice of materials, we must consider the above five aspects.

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