Leather decoration soft package decoration should be in which stage of decoration it?

Time: 2017-09-20
Home decoration is a very tedious process, from the initial running decoration company, to run the building materials, to the late furniture configuration, can be tired of a person. Many owners are not very understanding of the decoration, in the soft package art background wall selection there are always many misunderstandings. And even a lot of the concept of soft package do not know. In the case of
Soft package in the use of life to reflect more, the general bedroom, living room background, ceiling, bed frequently. In the soft package before the owners should be more communication with the designer, choose what kind of panel decoration box look better, and the overall pattern needs to be matched, which is in all the soft package production must follow.
When the home decoration in the middle of the time, the soft bag can be installed almost, the wire paved, the wall finished painting, paint works done, the bedroom is best not in the wood before the board. The general wall is not the best to do the background wall to brush the flat, in the shop floor, so that the soft bag is produced more beautiful.

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