Time: 2017-08-14

Wall Flats™ are Bocas take on a modern, eco-friendly textured wallpaper. They are easy enough for anyone to install. Wall Flats are lightweight 3D wall panels that work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale textured walls of any size and shape. Wall Flats work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted wall texture. These modern, wall tiles create a sculptural and continuous dimensional surface to any room setting through patterning. Our 3D wall panels create a rhythmic wave wall pattern on an accent wall or float the panels on a wall to create eye catching wall art. And did I mention, the wall panels are paintable too. 

Our 3D wall panels are good for the environment too. Does it get any better than that? The raw material used for the production of our Wall Flats - 3D Wall Panels, is the fibrous residue remaining after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. The fibrous residue, called Bagasse, is used as the raw material is 100% recycled.www.bocasrb.com

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