New York 20 square meters apartment, rely on what makes people and space coordination

Time: 2017-04-17

Construction company MKCA recently completed a 20 square meter apartment project in New York, the reason why people shine because of the use of system furniture.

The apartment is made up of 3 parts, a small hallway, main space and bathroom. Take a look at the entrance hall, where there is a cabinet, a small space must be there.

From the lobby you can quickly move into the main space, which includes the kitchen, dining area, living room and bedroom.

The black kitchen area is the only dark area in the apartment, with a compact design that includes a small basin and a stove. The designer will maximize the cabinet by extending the cabinet to the ceiling.

Close to the cabinet is the living room and cabinet. You can see how narrow the space is in the picture.

A closer look at the cabinet, there is a pull-out table is also a desk. At the top of the table are two cabinets, one is a small food storage, and the other is the computer storage space.

There are a number of cabinets and storage space. A cabinet with a glass door, can receive books and personal items, the following are second cabinets, you can hang coats, T-shirts and pants.

The main part of the bed, the bed is usually hidden in the closet. Behind the headboard is also a place to receive.

Of course, even if the apartment space is narrow bathroom. It's behind the bathroom kitchen. With a walk-in shower area. White tiles make it look more spacious, black shelves are added to the space for additional.

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