3d pvc wall panel


What types of soft bags

1. Soft bag with clip2. Soft bag with European style buckle3. Traditional block soft bag4. Sponge soft bag5. Polyester soft bag6. Glass fiber soft bag7. Melamine foam soft pack

How to maintain the leather wall panel

1. Leather wall panel are not substances such as wooden boards. Alcohol, natural water and other chemicals are not allowed in the cleaning process. It is recommended to use a cloth moistened with a mixture of detergent and water to clean them. Soft cover the background wall and wipe with a clean cloth.2. If there are small wrinkles or small scars on the leather wall panel, you can rub the soft bag with clean hands, add grease with appropriate body temperature, and gently rub it gently with your hands. In the daily maintenance process, the maintenance oil can be used at any time to extend the service life. When buying leather maintenance solution, first ask the cortex first, and then test whether it is applicable under the unsightly places such as the bottom or inside of the leather wall panel.

What is the function of 3D leather wall panel

Unique three-dimensional sense, the materials used are soft in texture and soft in color, which can soften the overall space atmosphere, and its deep three-dimensional sense can also enhance the grade of the home. In addition to the function of beautifying the space, more importantly, it has the functions of flame retardant, sound absorption, sound insulation, moisture proof, mildew proof, antibacterial, waterproof, oil proof, dustproof, antifouling, antistatic, anti-collision.

can you cut 3d wall panels?

Yes,you can cut it by knife.

What’s the 3D Art leather wall panel?

The panel is constructed by high quality pvc leather and environment-friendly pu foam,no back board and no glue.It can be cut by knife.

What are the 4D Art wall panels made of?

The eco-friendly wall panels are mainly made of pu leather and pu foam.

How many models do you have about 3D art soft wall panel?

4D art soft wall panel: 32 models.More models pls follow us web.

How many models do you have about 3D art soft wall panel?

4D art soft wall panel: 32 models.

Can I customize the color?

YES.We provide a series of colors,more detail pls contact us.

How many models of 3d art leather wall panel do you have ?

Now ,we have 30 models of 3d art wall panel.More models ,pls follow  us.

Do you have your own brand name?

Our brand is BOCAS.

Are You A Factory Or Trading Company?

We are the factory.

How to clean 3d Art faux wall panels?

Wash with water,3d art leather wall panels can waterproof.Use alcohol clean stubborn stains.

How to glue 3d Art faux wall panels?

Use hot melt adhesive at the black area.It will solidify in about 3-8 seconds, for temporal use only.Use the nail-free glue at the red area.It will solidify completely after 24 hours and last longer.